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A museum and prehistoric immersive attraction, is all about bringing the history of life on Earth and the evolution of our planet itself to a broad public. GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium recreates the sights, sounds and smells of ancient worlds in a series of elaborate environments populated with highly convincing robotic animals and rich plant life.

The prehistoric landscapes progress through evolutionary history, linked by passageways which illuminate the scientific basis for the exotic panoramas with fossils - including the rare skeleton of the largest animal ever to walk the Earth, as well as paintings, globes, films and concise signage. Leading experts in paleontology, botany, interior design and special effects have advised on GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium, making it the most dynamic, convincing and comprehensive presentation of ancient life yet made. Audio tours for all ages and hands-on activities for children complete the GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium experience.

Be it a steamy Carboniferous forest with flapping giant dragonfly-like creatures, or sail-backed 4 meter-long reptiles roaring from clifftops as a Permian flood crashes down, GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium presents the world as it was made and remade for hundreds of millions of years before Man.

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GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium

66578 Schiffweiler (Saarland)

Phone: +49 (0) 6821 93163 -25

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