The immersive
natural history museum


21 realistic prehistoric worlds on 10.000 m2 • 9 true-to-life robotic dinosaurs, up to 12 m in height and 20 m in length • One-of-a-kind dinosaur show • Animated shows in 3D & 4D  • Restaurant and more…

Visit T-rex and his friends

A multisensory journey awaits as you wander through 21 large prehistoric worlds and experience 4.6 billion years of the earth’s history. GONDWANA – Das Praehistorium is an unforgettable and immersive experience: a trip through time that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

At GONDWANA – Das Praehistorium, you will witness the history of our planet and life itself with the aid of cutting-edge animation and audiovisual technology. Embark on a monumental multisensory journey through the earth’s past, starting with the big bang, passing through a multitude of periods in the earth’s history, including dinosaurs such as the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and Giganotosaurus, to name but a few, Neanderthals on a mammoth hunt, and knights storming a city – as well as the space age.

GONDWANA – Das Praehistorium
The immersive natural history museum

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Our aim is to bring history from the creation of the earth up to the present day vividly to life and visitors must therefore be prepared to experience some of the powerful noises and tremors associated with the history of the earth… So please be warned: our museum is not for the faint-hearted!
Our recommended age for admission is 6 years and over.

Please note!

Bags and backpacks are not permitted in the museum.
There is only a limited number of lockers available. We therefore ask you to refrain from bringing bags and backpacks with you.

Immersive museum

Z.E.R.A. Time travel

Breathtaking 3D / 4D cinema

Megalodon – The prehistoric shark

Dinosaur show

– From the big bang to the present day

Big bang

Formation of the earth


4.5bn to 540m years ago


540m to 485m years ago


485m to 443m years ago


443m to 419m years ago


419m to 358m years ago


358m to 298m years ago


298m to 251m years ago


251m to 201m years ago


201m to 145m years ago


145m to 65m years ago


65m to 23m years ago


23m to 2.6m years ago


2.6m years ago to present day

Gondi’s Dinowelt


Gondi’s Dinowelt offers you an unforgettable birthday experience, because you can now rent our indoor playground for private parties for you and your guests, starting from 220 EUR.

World wide unique dino playground

  • Giant dinosaur climbing frame
  • Three super slides
  • Trampolines to jump around
  • Ball volcano and ball waterfall
  • Dino-karts for exciting laps
  • Climbing and hanging course
  • VALO Jumparea
  • Cozy seating areas and lounge
  • Birthday cake and snack offers available for additional fee

For inquiries please contact our team: +49 6821 93163 25 /

The immersive natural history museum



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