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Museum of Natural History


21 realistic prehistoric worlds (indoor) on 10.000 m2 • 9 true-to-life robotic dinosaurs, up to 12 m in height and 20 m in length • One-of-a-kind dinosaur show • Animated shows in 3D & 4D  • Restaurant and more…

Experience life-size dinosaurs

A multisensory journey awaits as you wander through 21 large prehistoric worlds (indoor) and experience 4.6 billion years of the earth’s history. GONDWANA – Das Praehistorium is an unforgettable and immersive experience: a trip through time that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

At GONDWANA – Das Praehistorium, you will witness the history of our planet and life itself with the aid of cutting-edge animation and audiovisual technology. Embark on a monumental multisensory journey through the earth’s past, starting with the big bang, passing through a multitude of periods in the earth’s history, including dinosaurs such as the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and Giganotosaurus, to name but a few, Neanderthals on a mammoth hunt, and knights storming a city – as well as the space age.

GONDWANA – Das Praehistorium
The immersive natural history museum

Please note

  • GONDWANA – Das Praehistorium is an indoor museum and not a dinosaur or amusement park
  • Age recommendation: from 6 years
  • Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult
  • Trigger warning for: Image frequencies, volume & vibration
  • Bags or backpacks are not permitted

Immersive museum

Z.E.R.A. Time travel

Breathtaking 3D / 4D cinema

Megalodon – The prehistoric shark

Dinosaur show

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