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4.6 billion years of Earth history,
all in a single museum

History of the earth & the evolution of life

In GONDWANA – Das Praehistorium, you can wander through breathtaking true-to-life landscapes from the earth’s history as you immerse yourself in a truly multisensory experience. Cross paths with life-sized prehistoric mammoth, scorpions, primeval dragonflies and predatory dinosaurs.

Featuring sounds and scents, different times of day, changing lights that transform the atmosphere, mighty crashing waterfalls and predatory dinosaurs – your intrepid voyage through evolution will make an unforgettable impression, giving you an authentic insight into the over 4-billion-year history of our planet.

Recreated forces of nature such as floods or meteorite impacts convey a sense of the prehistoric ecosystem, giving you a glimpse of the distant past.

Human evolution

Z.E.R.A. – the time express travel agency – will take you on a fantastic voyage back through the last 47 million years. With the aid of a time-fluid generator, you can pass though 12 time zones representing the most crucial phases in mammalian and human history.

Your remarkable and informative journey will begin on the ISS space station in the year 2005 and will transport you back through the industrial revolution, the conquest of the new world, the Middle Ages, Egypt 3,400 years ago and Bronze Age Germany. From here, you will travel back to Cro-Magnon man, the world of the Neanderthals, Homo ergaster some 1.5 million years ago, Australopithecus around 3.8 million years ago, then to the earliest common ancestor of modern man and chimpanzees some 8 million years ago, before finally arriving at the time of the earliest primates in a sub-tropical swamp forest 47 million years ago.

You will experience the pivotal eras of our own history, featuring atmospheric light, sound and language simulations.

The biggest dinosaur show in the world

The world’s biggest dinosaur show at GONDWANA – Das Praehistorium is an experience for kids, teens and adults alike. Watch in wonder as an imposing prehistoric spectacle with digitally animated life-sized dinosaurs unfolds on a 14 m-high show theatre with a 1,500-m2 stage. See a prehistoric drama play out between some gigantic dinosaur protagonists: Titanosaurus, Gigantosaurus and Aucasaurus.
The dino show is sure to wow viewers with its animatronic walking creatures, faithfully recreated landscape and distinctive sounds. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to the dinosaurs.

Superlative cinema in 3D and 4D

Evolution 3D

A thrilling 3D film with informative explanations vividly conveys the evolution of life, from the earliest beginnings to the space age. Almost 4 billion years in the history of the earth on a giant screen.


A spectacular 4D film tells the story of the demise of the dinosaurs. The visually striking production will whisk you away to the time of these giant prehistoric beasts. And the 4th dimension is clearly perceptible: gusts of wind and vibrations will make viewers feel like they are right in the thick of it.

Megalodon, the giant shark

Megalodon, the fearsome shark that terrorised the prehistoric oceans, will prowl the deeps once more, albeit in a tank designed as a high-security wing. Nail-biting suspense is guaranteed. In this animated show, you will find yourself standing right next to the biggest shark of its kind, a creature which lived until 5 million years ago, held back only by a glass wall. The teeth of this 18 m-long and several tonnes weighting killer shark could reach up to 18 cm in length and its bite was up to ten times more powerful than that of the great white shark. So get ready for some heart-pounding moments.
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